ARMOR Response Vehicles

NOCO Regional ARMOR Response Vehicles

Our Regional ARMOR vehicles, are dispatched through First Responder Trauma Counselors – Member Agencies. This will include our Clinicians and 40 hour-trained Peer Support Personnel. The vehicles are piloted by a Peer Support Team member and medical staff, all trained at Paramedic and or Nurse Practitioner, or Medical Doctor levels, who are 40 hour- trained in Peer Support by First Responder Trauma Counselors Academy who are all available to handle any medical issues should they arise. This vehicle arrives with a cadre of both medical and behavioral health equipment to address most needs of the patient/client. In addition, the deployment of this vehicle will be accompanied by at least one of the Culturally Competent Clinical Supervisors and a Negotiator from one of our Northern Colorado Regional Peer Support Team Agencies. One of First Responder Trauma Counselors ARMOR Vehicles, is available to FRTC member agencies. To include “Return to Duty Protocol”, mobile counseling/peer support, EMDR and or other modalities, as required. Both Peer Support 1 & 2, vehicles provides a comfortable, confidential environment for First Responders and Peer Support interactions. To access this valuable asset, contact First Responder Trauma Counselors to see how your department can become a member agency and have access to not only this critical resource, but many many more covering your staff 24/7, 365.
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If your agency requires one of our ARMOR (All, Responder, Mobile, Operational, Response) Vehicles to attend at a Critical Incident, Contact Us

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