Our Clinical Team

Meet Karen

Karen Nicholson LPC, FACHE, FACMPE

While her medical center experience is diverse, including stand-alone, community owned facilities as well as large multi-facility organizations Karen has always worked within integrated delivery systems. Karen has been a part of the Weld/Larimer Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT), first joining the steering committee in 2004. She has been a CIT trainer since the establishment of the first Weld/Larimer class, a coalition which later expanded to include Boulder County. She became a Mental Health Consultant for the Hostage Negotiations Team of Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in 2013, completing the FBI Negotiations course in September of that year. Karen also responds to crisis negotiation calls in Boulder County through the Longs Peak Crisis Negotiators, as well as in Weld County. Karen has instructed on identifying and de-escalating psychiatric crisis to Colorado State University law enforcement as well as annual Ranger Excellence School.  She has studied forensic psychology under Roy Hazelwood, Reed Meloy, Kris Mohandie, Phillip Resnick and John Douglas. FRTC is excited to have Karen as another, “Culturally Competent” Clinician working with First Responders on both FRTC’s Regional All Agency Peer Support Response Team and also working as an interface with Medical and Behavioral Health Clinician, Facilities, (in and out patient) and First Responders, their families and departments, in the logistics of their specific care needs.

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Meet Jason


Jason Roberts, has recently graduated with an MA counseling from Colorado Christian University.
He is FRTC peer support trained, and also a graduate from Crown College (MN) with a degree in Christian Ministry.
Jason’s area of concentration is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and is  also capable of integrating Christian principals into his client’s journey toward healing.  Jason welcomes diversity and will not discriminate based on religion, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
He has  worked in the emergency services field for over 20 years as a firefighter/paramedic. Through his own story, he has realized how little attention has been paid to the mental health of first responders and the failure to see PTSI in this population.  He is currently working to change this perception in his field and reduce the stigma towards seeking mental health.
Additionally Jason is EMDR trained and also working as a peer support team member for his department, and is currently a PREPARE/ENRICH Marriage enhancement facilitator.
Jason is excited to be part of the FRTC team of culturally competent clinicians as he works towards is LPC Licensure.

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Meet Alana


Alana Basamanowicz is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master/Teacher. Originally from South Dakota, Alana now resides in Fort Collins with her Firefighter/Paramedic Husband.
Being a First Responder spouse has given her the compassion and insight into the EMS Field and has led her to working with First Responders & their families.
She obtained her Certification in Transformational Hypnotherapy in 2014 and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is also a Registered Psychotherapist in the State of Colorado through the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), Mental Health Section.
Areas of care include but are not limited to anxiety, grief, depression, smoking secession, breaking habits, insomnia, chronic pain, phobias, fears, PTSI & trauma, addictions, personal development, memory, nightmares, unwanted thoughts, body image, health issues, confidence, future projection, and LOA.
In 2018, Alana went onto expand her healing modalities and became a Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner under the teachings of Ann Bibbey; Reiki Master/Teacher of Fort Collins, CO. She is also a member of the ICRT Reiki Assocation in which she operates by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Reiki works with energy fields,  much like acupuncture bringing balance and harmony into the physical body aiding in reducing stress, anxiety, inflammation, unwanted habits, and much more.
Currently, Alana runs her practice Intuitive Energy Healing.  Alana conducts fusion sessions using her gifts as both a Hypnotherapist & Reiki Practitioner in the same experience. She takes pride in educating her clients before and after so they have a clear sense of direction with an action plan in place. She is also available for dedicated Hypnotherapy Sessions. 
With a strong influence in Holistic Care, Alana shares First Responder Trauma Counselors goal to assist the thriving community of First Responders & family members to stay happy, feeling good, and clear of anything mentally or energetically that does not support their optimal health naturally

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Meet Taylor

Taylor Montey MA, LPCC

Taylor Montey, MA, LPCC is currently EMDR trained and working on her Licensing for Professional Counselor with Joanne at FRTC, Taylor is an FRTC – peer support team trained, graduate from Colorado Christian University.
Taylor’s concentrate is on a biopsychosocial-spiritual model of care which strives to affect the mind, body spirit, social and emotional aspects of a person to bring about change. She is trained in counseling with Christian principles but her practice does not discriminate based on religion, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation; she welcomes diversity.
Besides counseling, Taylor has worked in the emergency response field for the past 15 years as firefighter/EMT and a fitness trainer for the past 6 years. She is currently certified as a peer support team member as well as in the core skills of Motivational Interviewing. She is currently working on hours to become a Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC) as well as a Domestic Violence Counselor. Taylor is a certified ACE peer fitness trainer, a CrossFit Level 2 and a CrossFit Kids certificate holder.
Taylor is excited to be working with FRTC’s Regional Peer Support Family

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Meet Jess


Jess Haynes is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate, (LPCC), she is EMDR trained and a National Certified Counselor, (NCC). She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lamar University and is working toward her Addiction Counselor license, (CAC).
Prior to working in the counseling field she worked as a Medic in EMS and Humane Law Enforcement for many years and worked at an emergency veterinary clinic. She had the honor of working with a Community Mental Health Crisis Team for 3 years before opening a private counseling practice in Greeley, Colorado.
Jess enjoys meeting with a variety of clients; those struggling with rediscovering their life path, those dealing with PTSI, trauma, suicidal thoughts, shame or other struggles that hold them back from fully living the life they desire. Jess uses an eclectic approach that custom designs all treatment to your story. She uses elements from CBT, DBT, mindfulness, the Enneagram and other models as needed.
Following a head/neck injury Jess was partnered with her mobility support/medical alert Service Dog, Kindynos. Kindynos is a Dutch Shepherd who likes to keep watch over counseling sessions when she is not actively working.
Jess and Kindynos consider it an incredible privilege to be able to work with First Responders and be a part of the First Responder Trauma Counselors team.

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Meet Nataeah

Nataeah Barron MA, LMFT, LAC

Nataeah completed her undergrad at San Diego State University and her Masters at Alliant International University in San Diego, CA.
Nataeah’s concentration is in Marriage Family Therapy as well as Addiction Counseling. She is currently EMDR
and Acudetox (ear acupuncture) trained.
Prior to working in the mental health field she was a Firefighter/EMT for 4 years for a Professional Fire Agency in California and after moving with her family to NOCO; Nataeah worked for a Behavioral Health agency for 3 years assigned to a County based behavioral services program for a Law Enforcement Agency.
Nataeah is Native American and is connected to her ancestral roots in her holistic approaches to therapy, acupuncture, EMDR treatment modalities. She works with all people no matter ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. Nataeah, has experience working with clients who struggle with trauma, PTSI,
relationship difficulties, as well as substance abuse issues.
First Responder Trauma Counselors is proud to provide our system with another true Culturally Competent Clinician

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Meet Randy

Randy Jones M.Div, MS, EMR

Reverend Randy Jones is a Masters in Divinity educated Spiritual Counselor with Redtail Ministries LLC and works with First Responder Trauma Counselors. He is an Ordained Minister with Unity Worldwide Ministries and holds a Masters of Divinity from Unity Institute. Has a Masters and Bachelor in Business Administration from Wichita State University. Is a Certified Emergency Medical Responder as well as a certified Reiki Master. He is a member of Association of Flight Chaplains for First Responders and has been a Hospital Chaplain, EMS Air Medical Flight Chaplain for many years as well as a Hospice Chaplain.
Randy has worked in the prehospital and healthcare field for well over 45+ years. Starting in 1976 as an EMT, then a EMICT Paramedic in 1981, an EMT instructor coordinator in 1986. Working as a street medic and as an educator in emergency medicine until the late 1990’s. Served on the Governing Board of Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Sedgwick County, KS. Served as a member and Chairman of Sedgwick County Emergency Preparedness Council. Received the Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contribution to Emergency Medicine from the Kansas Emergency Medical Association. Randy has also served as a Board Member of 911 for 911, a 501c3 focused on providing Behavioral Health care to First Responders.
Randy entered the ministry to serve patients, their family and medical staff. The opening of Redtail Ministries allows him to focus on his passion for First Responders and Medical Professionals. This comes out of his own struggle with PTSI and Caregiver Burnout. Randy states, “My breakdown was an Existential crisis, my faith was in conflict with my reality as a paramedic”. I have spent my life wrestling with the problem of Theodicy, “Why does a just God allow bad things to happen to good people?”.
Randy states, I am a non-denominational minister and see the Creator in all religions. My job as a Spiritual Counselor is to work within the responders belief systems to understanding and clarity to deal with the trauma of death, injury and personal fear that are imbedded in our professions.
First Responder Trauma Counselors is not only excited to welcome Randy as valued advisor, and “Culturally Competent Counselor”, but also to provide a strength to the “true fabric” of deep rooted commitment to our mission.

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Meet Steph

Stephanie Neuman MSW, LCSW

Stephanie Neuman was in Law Enforcement for ten years, both as a Detention Officer and Patrol Sergeant for an area Law Enforcement Agency.In 2006 her life as she knew it changed. She was eight weeks into her patrol career when she was involved in a critical incident. The Stephanie she knew would change forever. The “man with a gun,” call turned into her being involved in an “officer-involved shooting.” With virtually no provisions for Peer Support, she found herself reeling from the event and being ordered back to responding to calls within an hour of the shooting while she was still being investigated, she was attempting to wrap her head around what just happened, and what might happen to her and her career. She would never be the same. One of her fellow officers suggested that she see a Therapist who specialized in First Responders. The therapist was excellent and introduced her to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Throughout her career, she referred back to the same therapist after many critical events. Still, with no administrative policy in her agency, she took it upon herself to advocate for other officers to get care after incidents. In 2009, while still employed as a Patrol Sergeant, she began Master’s degree to get a foundation of education to provide care for other First Responders and to be a voice for those who need care.Steph utilizes Brainspotting and EMDR to help clients find relief and joy quicker than they could have imagined. Therapy doesn’t have to be about a long term treatment plan; her goal is to get us fixed faster.Additionally, she utilizes “animal-assisted therapy” in the form of a Charcoal Labrador named Grizzly. Grizzly is the calmest, most mellow lab you will ever meet. He helps clients feel safe and calm as they embark on their journey of healing. From Steph: “I am excited to be associated with First Responder Trauma Counselors to join other, “Culturally Competent” Clinicians who care about all First Responders who are looking to find relief from the professional and personal stressors of public service”.

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