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Stress Reduction

Use this track for some helpful stress reduction. Best if listened to for multiple nights in a row with headphones. We can all use some stress reduction right about now! First, take care of YOU.

Fortitude & Strength

We got this! Now is the time to dig deep and find strength we never knew existed. Your body will surprise you, your mind will surprise you, and you will rise. Keep on making your mental health a priority during this difficult time. Stay on top of it and be pro-active by listening to this track for multiple nights in a row with headphones.

Fear Of Germs

Hey, we get it. This can be a common outcome from the chaos. Keep everything in perspective, while still being safe. The idea is to stay informed, smart, but not scared. Listen to this Fear of Germs track to help keep you confident while walking into the chaos.

Paramedic Success

Being a paramedic right now can be scary. So just stop for a moment, my paramedic friends, and give yourself a decent second. You were made for this, you were trained for this. Pump up your "I can do it" response and listen to this track while your falling asleep. Best if used multiple nights in a row!

Endorphin Release

Everyone could use a little endorphin hit right about now. This track can actually balance and create a release of Endorphins in your brain chemistry. It's that simple. Listen and be happy. Share with someone who may need some extra positivity and happiness. Don't forget to use headphones!

Anxious Mind

30 minute - calm yourself down track. Just let your mind check out for a few, and help to keep yourself out of the rabbit hole of fear and anxiousness. Wouldn't it be nice to just think of, nothing? Do it!

Nursing Success

Holding our entire First Responder Community in light. This one goes out to all the Nurse's mental health and stability. If the least we could do for ourselves was listen to some music to help feel more stable in the storm, count me in! Use multiple nights in a row while falling asleep, or just set aside an hour in your day to mentally relax. Or just do it NOW.

Gratitude Mindset

There's that word again. Gratitude. This track can help you to balance any negativity and transform it into one of the most healing emotions we can flood our brains with at the moment. Love, and gratitude. I challenge you to think of one thing your truly grateful for. Let that be like a domino effect in your brain. Make a list, read it, post it, share it. I am grateful for All of You.

Emotional Regulation

UP and down and UP and down. Has anyone else been feeling this recently? Binaural beats work by projecting specific sound frequencies into the right and left hemisphere of your brain. This in turn, balances the unregulated emotions floating around reeking having on your system. Listen to this track for stability with how you feel right now. Very powerful! Just decide to be your own boss, and listen.


Hope trumps fear. What if we all had hope instead of fear? What if you just decided that today was the day to shift your thinking, and have some hope? You are the creator of your own thoughts and emotions. Use this track with headphones, listen, and feel hopeful. It sure beats feeling scared! You choose.

Laughter Aid

Laugh it off! Laughter has been scientifically proven to reduce the stress hormones inside our brains. Isn't it funny, how we fan even just "fake" laugh and it someone makes you feel better. So laugh at yourself, laugh at a friend, just laugh. Once you get going, it feels awesome. Do this with intention and a knowing that your creating an actual change in the way you feel. Watch a funny movie or video to help get it started!

Dread Relief

The fearful dread. We have all been there. It's normal to feel this emotion, but not to live in it. Allowing yourself to stay stuck in the media, stories, and go down the rabbit hole of fear is what we DO NOT want to do. Sometimes it takes a conscious decision to bust out of this mental state. Use this track to help you overcome those annoying emotions. Listen often!

Drink More Water

We all know that drinking more water helps to support a healthy immune function. It's amazing that once you start drinking the correct amount for your body weight, you actually begin to crave water. This track can help your subconscious mind to remember to drink it all up. Everyday! Listen with headphones and compound it over sessions.

Total Relaxation

Just let it all melt from you, for an hour at least. Allow yourself to mentally check out while you enjoy the sensation of being on a beach. Notice all the sounds, let it lull you into a restful nap. We all know how important it is to give your thoughts a break so that you can be alert and responsive when you need to the most. Activate the relaxation response with this track to combat the stress response we are living and working in.

Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts

Ever feel like your stuck on a loop? Thoughts going round and round. It can be difficult sometimes to put a halt to the roller coaster of negative thought energy and it can really get you all worked up! Let us be aware, and transform. This binaural beat track can help you to put an end to the receptive destructive thoughts. Use headphones and listen often!

Stay Positive!

Keep up the good work friends! We all know by now that thinking negative thoughts we create a negative energy around us that everyone can sense. On the flip side, by thinking positive thoughts we an create a lightness around us that others will be attracted to. This is so important right now and chances are you may be staying positive for everyone around you. This track can help you stay in the healthy mindset we all need right now! Listen often and feel lighter. Don't forget to use headphones.



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